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Fallkniven F1 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

When not in stock product will usually ship within 10 days
$10.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description

With this knife a new world standard is being set! Important factors such as technical design, ergonomy and economy are brought together within the model F1, and represent the foremost concept available today. The knife meets and surpasses by far established international standards for strength, personal security and value for money.

Mod. F1 is the official survival knife for pilots within the Swedish Air Force since 1995.

Mod. F1 represents an entirely new philosophy with respect to knives for survival use. At the same time it combines the experience of generations of knife manufacturing with modern technology. The handy size, the well thought-out design, the incredibly tough laminated steel are only a few of many details making this knife something you can rely on.

Mod. F1 is a handy knife and is tremendously versatile. The safe, pleasant grip together with a very hard yet tough laminated steel, makes the knife very useful for all kind of daily work but also demanding tasks. You can choose from two kinds of sheaths - an all-covering pouch type, which safely houses the entire knife or an extremely tough double-safety, one hand operated zytel sheath.

Mod. F1
Total length: 210 mm (8.3")
Blade length: 97 mm (3.8")
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm (0.18"), tapered
Tang: Broad, protruding
Weight (knife): 150 g (6oz)
Steel: Lam. VG10
Blade hardness: 59 HRC
Handle: Thermorun
Sheath: All-covering leather
ALSO available and currently in stock is the F1 in VG10 Black with Zytel Sheath.  $185.

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